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    Choose an Adjective for yourself which you think best suits you. Preferably with the beginning letter of your name. You may write of your own also.


    Joining Date

    Teaching Subject


    Write about yourself in 4-5 sentences mentioning your strong areas/qualities.

    Have you observed any change in your personality in last one year? Share in 2-3 sentences.

    Would you like to share any change that you have brought in your teaching/work style in last one Year? Please mention while giving example.

    Kindly share one of your : (If Applicable)
    Favorite Teaching Tool without which you won’t be able to work.

    Kindly share one of your : (If Applicable)
    Best Question asked by you in Exams.

    Name of any of your student, you think you were able to motivate & you observed a great change in him/her.
    (If Applicable)

    How many Peer Learning Sessions did you attend this session?

    Were these sessions helpful in enhancing your teaching skills? Share your comments.

    Mention the name of any of your colleagues whose classes would you like to observe the most for Peer Learning.

    This session you are provided the support of Head of the departments. How helpful your HOD is to support you for better teaching?

    Would you like to comment on Subject Presentations? How helpful these presentations were?

    Initiative you took to bring any change in your institute through extra responsibility assigned to you.



    Challenges you faced & how did you come out of those challenges.

    Seminars or Workshops you feel helped you in polishing your teaching skills. Mention with Examples.

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    If any other :

    Outcome from of the workshops:

    Did you conduct any workshop to share your learning with your colleagues?

    Would you like to attend any training or workshop in future, you feel, will help you out in doing your work efficiently. Please share the same.

    Would you like to conduct any workshop for your colleagues in future? If Yes, Please mention.

    3 Things you like about your institute. Mention in points.

    Any one change you would like to bring in your institute.

    3 things you like about your job/profession

    One Tagline for YS Group

    Tick the Faculty Bonding Programmes which you attended this session.
    Holi PartyDandia EveFaculty TourSunday Music Masti

    If any other, Mention below :

    One thing that brings big smile on your face

    Share three of your accomplishments of this session that you are proud of.

    Where do you see yourself after 2 years. Share your future plans/goals (in 2-3 points).

    Which award would you like to receive & why? Choose any one Title best suits you. Mention 3 reasons for it.

    How do you rate your contribution towards English Communication Ambiance in the school out of 100.