Behavioural Change Series

Admission - 2023-2024
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Imparting Education for Change Not for Degrees

Real Education aims at bringing change in human behavior. The purpose of education is to teach students how to behave in society and provide them with the knowledge that works. Thus Education is incomplete without a moral angle.

At YS Schools, we believe in educating hearts and not only minds. Moral Education is an integral part of teaching at YS. We have initiated the “Behavior Change Series” wherein the students are taught manners through short narrations and the same is then reiterated in every lecture. It is a positive move that has ushered in changes and parents have observed the change in their wards.

are some of the efforts to shape students behaviour.

Kids lunch break
Kids night camp enjoy
Kids night camp enjoy
Grou icture of Ys school student
Kids are joining Go Green moment
Young singing artists