Brilliant Batches

Admission - 2023-2024
Current Updates

A brilliant quote said “Practice makes a man perfect”. It is a kind of revision tool that gives the opportunity to recall the entire syllabus before few weeks of the exam. As final exams are coming, students start getting panic due to the feeling of not studied properly and high competition. Before few days of examinations, students comes under the pressurize situation. That time mock tests help to make their real exam easier and stress-free. The reason behind that, these kinds of tests provides similar sample questions that will come in the final so they can take tests for practice and resolve their doubts, confusions.

Sunday Classes

Usually, parents will send their children to attend tuition classes although they need to pay for the fees. So, Sunday classes at YS school can give benefits to both parents and their children. So it’s like an opportunity for students to learn more at school at no extra cost. It helps students increase their knowledge. Usually there are more examples and problems solved in Sunday classes with special emphasis on in depth concept clarity.

Doubt Clearing Cell

Doubt clearing cell of Y.S is consist of expert subject teachers and mentors who cater to the needs of students. Main objective of this cell is to listen to the doubts of pupils and resolving them. Timely Doubt Clearing Sessions are also schedule to make learning ambience in order to shoot away uncertainties regarding complex topics.