Building Confidence

Admission - 2023-2024
Current Updates

Every child is uniquely talented and no less than a shining star and early age is the best age to develop confidence among children. Each one of them is bestowed with some talent or creative skill that can be showcased to the world. At YS School, kids are given maximum Stage Exposure by working on their confidence level and presentation skills.

We see education as a step towards realizing kids’ aspiration for being better and compassionate humans who are not afraid of facing people. The school aims to be instrumental in bringing about and sustaining the personality development of a child, which encompasses varied aspects of growth and development, not just academics.

In order to build confidence, we provide them with maximum opportunities in the form of various events to give the children maximum stage exposure.

Baby Shows

YS School plans to organize a theme-based Baby Show annually where toddlers walk on the ramp. There are different age categories and definitely big fun for the parents to see their little ones walking on the red carpet.

PACE (Annual Sports Day)

Physical activities find due representation in our lush grounds and in our serene and relaxing Yoga room where the kids learn breathing exercises. The school also plans to conduct PACE – Annual Sports Day where you will see little ones running in different races and sporty exercises. Its always a proud moment for the parents to see their ward participating in group as well as individual games at such an early age.

IMPACT Annual Cultural Fest

The school organizes Annual Cultural Extravaganza IMPACT every year where the tiny tots perform on stage. We have made provision for teaching different dance forms and cultural activities to children and ensure the participation of each and every child. The school has a beautiful Auditorium equipped with an advanced performing stage which make it a fascinating experience.

Role Plays

Children are dramatic by nature. We encourage them to perform role plays. This gives them the confidence to occupy the centre-stage and show their talent. We also conduct regular role-playing exercises during morning assemblies.

Daily Morning Assembly

Daily Morning Assembly of Tiny Tots is full of exposure, learning and fun filled experience. Children are encouraged to take part in morning assembly and speak on stage. This does take away their stage fear and they are groomed to face the audience with confidence.

Gaining Knowledge through Visits

By doing away with rote learning and spoon feeding, we encourage the children to observe and see how beautifully Nature creates ideas and solutions. We let children see beyond what meets the eye, making all the difference in knowing and being capable. As a series of exposure to a variety of mentally stimulating experiences, knowledge is not force-fed but is gained as a natural consequence. At the heart of all these activities, lies interaction and expression with each and every child. A number of visits to the like Milk Processing Plant, Fruit and Vegetable Market and many more are the part of curriculum.