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Communication and Expressions

Happiness is the freedom to say, hear & express! At YS Schools, we give them the freedom to speak along with a command of language so that they do not feel shy. We teach them communication skills that will help them be a better and effective communicator in later years. Imparting Communication Skills For Expressive Kids is the biggest USP of YS schools. It is a responsibility both for the parent and the teacher to ensure that a child does not feel hesitant to speak his mind for lack of command over a language. At YS school, we pay a lot of attention in helping children to master the art of speaking English and expressing their feelings.

Separate English Communication Classes

In our quest of imparting Communication Skills at the early age, tiny tots are provided with separate communication classes where professional communication trainers are hired to engage children in fun filled activities. Through these activities, the kids end up learning new language in a natural way. These classes are planned in synch with innovatively designed and globally prevalent curriculum. A number of smart aids are used in such classes.

English Speaking Ambiance

One of the easiest ways to learn a language is to listen and understand it. We all have learnt our mother tongue naturally by listening it from our parents. Tiny Tots Section provides the child with complete English Speaking Ambiance so as to make the child comfortable in using English as medium of communication. Each and every staff
member is actively involved in providing opportunities for the same to every child.

Podium Friendly Activities

Public Speaking skills is one of the most crucial skills to succeed at work and in life. With opportunities for public speaking at various sessions like Morning assembly, ignited young minds get a chance to hone their speaking skills, stand confidently on the podium, and express their own thoughts and views. Not only do these activities help them become less hesitant and more confident, they also become adept in the art of public speaking and interaction, that is a must for success in today’s life.

Communication Assignments

To make the child comfortable in using English as a medium of communication anywhere and to make him practice it the most, little ones are given very interesting home assignments from time to time. Through these assignments they not only interact with their parents and siblings but also gain confidence. Even the parents are filled with pride seeing their little ones speaking so fluently & impressively.