From the Directors desk

YS Schools, i.e. Generation Next Schools, are meant for Generation Next Students. These students have taken birth in a technological and networked era, and for them, the world is changing quickly into a global village. They will face this world after fifteen years, and for such students, the meaning of Education is undoubtedly different from the convention. This generation deserves an education that is more than academics. Today’s Education must focus on the development of skills and values among the students. In today’s ear, the student needs to understand practical applications, analysis and comprehensions rather than use his mind merely as a storage space. Holistic development, exposure and interaction with confidence rather than bookish knowledge will be buzz words for the era. This generation certainly requires moral values without losing the traditional traits. In short, the children of today need Education for tomorrow, i.e. Generation Next Education. I believe that YS Schools are the Generation Next Schools and are, in a true sense, instrumental in creating the citizens of Next Generation.