Kids Night Camps

Admission - 2023-2024
Current Updates
It is imperative for any school not just to develop students’ present but also make them future-ready and what could be a better option if students get to learn through fun and enjoyment and a perfect example for the kids of junior classes where many of them stay out of the houses and their parents are not there to remind them the things. The camp aims at developing self-help skills, bonding among students & interaction with their teachers gives a chance of healthy.
Kids night campaign
Kids Night at campus
Kids reach the camp in the evening, play various games and are told to set their belongings on their own. Thereafter, everyone enjoys the music and dances with excitement. The night ends up with Community Dinner followed by Night Walk, Bedtime Stories and Sleeping peacefully. Then Kids have a wonderful Aerobics and Dance session in the morning before leaving for home. Students get so happy and excited that they remain least interested in returning.