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We pride ourselves on being the first Schools in this area for getting students ready for the 21st century through Robotics Science. Believing in the philosophy that the purpose of School is not only to prepare students for the present but also to groom them for what is in the future, we certainly take pride in introducing Robotics Science to students of 6th Class and above, where students themselves think, design, build, program and test Robots. Along with building stronger concepts and fostering to broaden horizons, Robotics Science also proves to be helpful in providing a sense of challenge and the freedom to think beyond the conventional boundaries.
“In general, year after year our Young Scholars have been participating in large numbers at Robotics Competitions and in 2013, YS students bagged 1st position in North India First Lego League Robotics Championship, where they outclassed competing teams from places like Delhi, Gurugram and Chandigarh.“
Students at YS regularly participate in one or the other state/national level competition which gives them a sense of learning along with other skills.
robotics champion's
World Robotics Championship
Our Young Scholars participated in the World Robotics Championship held at Delhi in 2019 where students of colleges and universities from 22 different countries were in the competition. Our scholars competed with the teams across the globe and wonderfully presented themselves.