Smart Classrooms

Admission - 2023-2024
Current Updates

Technology Enabled Smart Classrooms are yet another leap in imparting quality education to students. In YS Schools, Blackboard Teaching have been supplemented by Interactive Electronic Digi-boards which enable the students to learn, understand and grasp Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, History, Civics, Economics, Environmental Sciences, English, Drawing, Political Science, Accountancy and Business Studies through World Class Interactive Programs Videos and Simulations like Crocodile, Discovery, Eureka, Mathguru, Smart Class Interactive, etc.

As studies take place, through Interactive Digiboard systems, it is very heartening to know that the retaining power of students increases by more than 20 times as compared to the conventional chalk and talk method. This new, innovative and revolutionary teaching methodology not only helps students to understand and follow difficult topics but also makes them interesting and attention-grabbing.

Smart classrooms teacher or student
teacher guiding students during smart classes
Student doing study with Digiboard systems