Smart Education, Smarter kids

Admission - 2023-2024
Current Updates
The Science & Art of training children… Smart! The curriculum is designed to keep in focus the left and right brain growth of children in this phase. A lot of activities are kept on a daily schedule that helps the children in gaining confidence for their motor skills observation. The daily routine of Tiny Tots is planned in a way that includes fun-filled sessions that aim at developing cognitive, social and moral skills. The integrated use of scientifically designed games, storytelling sessions and smart aids makes learning a lot more fun and engaging
Story Telling Sessions

Young learners have an innate love of stories. Stories create magic and a sense of wonder towards the world. Story Telling Sessions are used as a unique way of learning for students:

  • To develop understanding and respect
  • To develop confidence in communicating thoughts and feelings
  • To increase verbal proficiency
  • To enhance imagination and creativity
  • To improve vocabulary and listening skills
  • These sessions are the most enjoyed sessions by tiny tots where they learn social moral values along with expressions
Concepts with Creativity

YS School is unique because it encourages students to learn with the use of creative tools and mediums. Scribbling on sand or playing with crayons to understand colors, is what makes their learning beyond books and notebooks. We let them think bizarre and vague. We let them think out of the box and we also teach them how to make use of their creative ideas. Concepts are taught in such a way that builds the foundation of creative kids and not the crammers.

Games Fun

Childhood is not meant for pressure and performance. That’s why skills-based and fun-filled game activities are part of the daily curriculum for tiny tots. These games are aimed at developing fine motor skills, gross motor skills, balancing, improve attention span and many more.

Art Mania

We realize that exposure of the child to various art and craft activities helps them gain emotional as well as an intellectual edge. That’s why a lot of Art Sessions at YS are planned in such a way to make tiny tots express themselves through art and be creative. We gain their attention and arouse their interest in different aspects by involving them in imaginative drawings rather than making them copy.

Circle Time

Circle time provides a great way for pre-schoolers to get a sense of bonding with other kids, enhance their social skills and improve their attention span. We sum up each day with circle-time interaction for our children. Ending the day with circle time helps children to express their emotions to their teachers and classmates and gives an opportunity to young minds to recapitulate their learning.

Honing Creativity: Fun Filled Exams

Even the examination concept is so unique that it augments the learning experience to foster the holistic development of the child. The interactive Learning pedagogy of YS School is instrumental in bringing about and sustaining the development of a child through a progressive system of education that enables and empowers one and all. We discourage Rote learning. The idea is to focus on understanding based learning. Children are encouraged to indulge in Games and Fun activities that are meant to promote creativity, independent thinking and develop a hunger for learning

Gaining Knowledge through Visits

By doing away with rote learning and spoon-feeding, we encourage the children to observe and see how beautifully Nature creates ideas and solutions. We let children see beyond what meets the eye, making all the difference in knowing and being capable. As a series of exposure to a variety of mentally stimulating experiences, knowledge is not force-fed but is gained as a natural consequence. At the heart of all these activities, lies interaction and expression with each and every child. A number of visits to the like Milk Processing Plant, Fruit and Vegetable Market and many more are the part of the curriculum.