Tours And Excursions

Admission - 2023-2024
Current Updates
Young Scholars are encouraged to widen their horizon through a wide array of tours and excursions arranged for them at length and breadth. From time to time Schools arrange various Educational excursions such as a trip to Air Force Station, Science City Kapurthala, Bhakra Nangal Dam, etc., where students enhance their information and knowledge. All classes right from Nursery onwards are encouraged to go to picnics like Chill O’ Thrill, Thunderland and so on. Not only are these, but from time to time well managed long tours are also organized.
Schools organized Adventurous Tour to Rajgarh, where students were trained and taught hiking, trekking, etc. Senior students were taken for a recreational tour to Mumbai and Goa. They all had a wonderful time there, be it sunbathing, partying, visiting Hazi Ali or having a blast at Shopper’s Paradise at Mumbai Malls. The whole process is carried on in such a way that the students not only enjoy trips and tours but also learn leadership qualities and quality to share responsibilities.