YS GeNxt School

YS GeNxt School – A school that believes in enriching childhood with happy memories of fun-based learning!

YS Group is pioneering in the new generation learning with its upcoming branch ‘YS GeNext School’ at Shiv Shakti Vatika Colony, Barnala. In this session, the school will have Kinder Garten Section with classes Pre-Nursery, Nursery & KG. Keeping the ‘Child First’ at the core of our Philosophy, we ensure their development; safety and engagement are met in an environment where they Play, Learn, Grow and imbibe essential life skills.
School your child will love to come
When a tiny tot joins the school for the first time, he or she feels nervous, anxious and is uncomfortable initially. That’s why at YS School, we shower the tiny tots with unconditional love, care and affection so that they start feeling at home. We make every single day of the student fun-filled with a variety of innovative activities to create a love for learning. The initial few months set the tone and mood for the whole session. That’s why we take special care to make these months more interactive, creative and fun.

Extra Miler Achievements of YS

At YS, when we talk about victories, we feel proud to share that our scholars have bought laurels in all fields, be it at Academics or Sports, competitive Exams or Technology, and Fine Arts or Performing Arts.