Celebrations & Commemoration

Admission - 2023-2024
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The celebrations, rituals and customs of any institution reveal a great deal about its culture. Just to keep the young ones in touch with their culture, society and ethics, we at YS celebrate religious and national festivals with great enthusiasm, fervour and pride. These celebrations help the kids to be connected with our values and also to know about our rich culture and heritage because we believe in doing everything practically rather than verbal showcasing.
Celebrations at YS have become an integral part of joyful learning, community building and thought-provoking processes.
Kids Celebrations & Commemoration
We at YS celebrate festivals like Republic Day, Independence Day, Diwali, Children’s Day, Teachers’ Day, Gurupurab, Christmas, Lohri, Basant, Baisakhi, Rakhi, Janamashtami, etc. to give the right concept and appreciation of our diverse culture.
Baisakhi Cultural event