Impact Annual Cultural Festival

Admission - 2023-2024
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To be competent and successful in every sphere of life, a student needs many traits but the most crucial of them is Confidence. Confidence: to truly accept oneself, to take on challenges head-on, to outperform even under constant pressure and to face difficult situations and work continuously towards making oneself better. We at YS believe in bringing every student on stage for imbibing confidence among all and polishing every individual to make our students competent and successful in every sphere of life. ‘IMPACT’ is a celebration where students are provided with a big platform to exhibit heart throbbing and live performances in front of thousands of people. It helps to remove their hesitation and stage fear and thus imbibes confidence and courage to face challenges. Students are fully charged, enthusiastic and full of zeal, creating an exciting atmosphere (like a marriage procession) on a very large scale.
Annual Cultural Festival act
Annual Cultural Festival
creative festival celebrations
Annual Cultural Festival dance performance
Dance performance during Annual Cultural Festival
Annual Cultural Festival performanceby Kids
Army Stage Act performed by students
Annual Cultural Festival act by Kids