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Young Scholars School
Bus Stand Road,
Barnala - 148101, Punjab
Phone: 01679-239028, 232628

Young Scholars Public School
Barnala Bathinda Road,
Handiaya - 148101,Barnala (Punjab)
Phone: 01679-284878, 284278

Cores of Academic Excellence

At YS Schools we want that children should enjoy Education, so as to gain the most from it.
We emphasis on an Education System which can retain smiles on the faces of the students throughout the period. We believe that ‘The more they enjoy, the more the learn.

Understanding Not Cramming

We focus on conceptual clarity over cramming. The child will be able to retain the crammed piece of information only upto the Examination Hall or maybe not even there. Where as Conceptual clarity and understanding helps the child in the long run. Understanding not only enures stress free learning, but also helps the child to gain the most from the concepts.

Real Life Connectivity

Retaining a piece of information and not knowing the use of it, is of no worth. Knowing the real life usage is the soul of teaching at YS. We try our level best to ensure that the child is able to connect and implement the learnings in life, wherever required.

Learning For Change Not Only For Marks

At YS ,we have tried to embed Value Based Education in each subject, which focuses on inculcating values among students by asking questions based upon values and thinking skills.

Value Based Education

Life skills can be taught in each & every subject. The core objective of Chapters given in the books from stories, is to inculcate values among students not to make them cram the questions given at the end of chapters.