Day Boarding

Admission - 2023-2024
Current Updates
It is generally seen that these days, students approach tuition teachers after school hours. The result is that the student is overburdened by two Masters. If there is no coordination between the school teacher and the tuition teacher, he gets confused also. In order to check these difficulties faced by the students and their parents, Handiaya School is made Day Boarding from 1st to 10th classes. Day Boarding is compulsory for these classes and is optional for Nursery and Kindergarten Classes. However, it is not a conventional day boarding school where homework is done after school hours. In this school, the time table is so designed so that all the activities namely, the teaching of Syllabus books, Co-curricular activities such as Painting, Drawing, Music, Computers, Games and Sports are carried on from morning till evening which not only helps students to be stress-free but also prove to be fun.
confusion are solved by teachers in boarding day