Flying High to Reach the Sky

Admission - 2023-2024
Current Updates
Flyers’ Club- Flying to the Dream Destination
A great way of inculcating geographical concepts with blend of concept clarity and fun. Students are issued YS passports as per their preferred destination. Subsequently, Young Scholars begin their research, followed by collection of all relevant details and facts about particular country. Young Explorers prepare a presentation, and appear in front of an interviewing panel (Embassy). Panel asks certain questions about preferred nation like Geographical conditions, demographics, culture, economic and social environment, intended flight details etc. Consequently, after due observation and as per the presentations, panel grants visa to the prospective candidates, in case candidate is found unprepared embassy re-schedules another appointment and asks candidate to appear again.
Ticket To Incredible India
This practice enables our young scholars to present any part of our diverse country, India and get the ticket as a token of appreciation. This way the scholars get to research, study and detail different parts of India where they further learn to present those parts in a better way.
A platform to exchange and spread knowledge in the best possible way.