YS Group is one of the leading educational institutions of India, providing quality and lifetime education for over 4,000 young scholars. The group has formed a habit of bringing exploring the emerging trends in education and putting practical learning in classrooms so that its young Scholars get every opportunity and will remain intact and well versed with the world.

YS School, is a Generation Next School which is one of the leading schools in Area for providing Futuristic Education to students since its inception for more than 35 years.

YS School is a Generation Next School that welcomes every child with lots of opportunities. Advanced Classes, Robotics MUN Club, Flyers Club, Literary Arts Club, Young Artist Club, Reading Programme, ATL Classes, Booting Up Sessions, Inspiration Series, Martial Arts Classes, Smart Talks, English Communication Classes are few of such programmes, which have been very instrumental to imbibe futuristic skills among students.

Success of our alumni has been continuously giving us feeling of proud and confidence in our system when we see YS Alumni touching the limits of infinite sky and proving themselves to in different professions be it Doctor, Engineers, IAS Officer, Architects and all renowned professions. Above professions, YS School is continuously working to give happy and contented life to its students.

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