Imbibing Values

Admission - 2023-2024
Current Updates
Childhood is the time when children are like raw clay; they can be molded in the desired shape. This is the time when parents and teachers should invest maximum time to build good Habits through Behaviour Series. That’s’ why at YS School, children are nurtured not just intellectually, but also emotionally, behaviourally and socially too, making this school the perfect choice for a workshop where good habits are formed. At YS, we often conduct workshops for parents as well to make them aware of how to build healthy habits in children.

Theme Based Month Celebration

It requires continuous practice to impart particular skills & train scholars for the same. So we choose one theme for one month. Morning Assembly, Guest Lectures, Saturday My Day Activities and Talk Time (Daily Interaction Period in the classroom) focus on developing particular skills among students

Dine with Shine Series

Childhood is the time when kids can learn table manners. Simple things like how to eat with a fork, how not to be a messy eater and why not to hunch over your plate or play with cutlery while eating… all these things need to be taught in the very initial years so that children develop good table manners.

Manner Track Sheets

We encourage children to show good manners in school and with their elderly. For this, we maintain a Manner Track Sheet which reflects their performance over a period of time. We are glad that children enthusiastically maintain good behaviour to get more ticks, stars and Excellent grades in their Manner Track Sheet. Well-behaved children are also rewarded from time to time by the school administration.

Interaction Camps

Interaction Camps are organized in the school to help children learn etiquette and interaction manners. Through bonding camps, children develop bonding with classmates, teachers and school, along with acquiring skills like self-help.

English Speaking environment in classes
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