Science Fiesta- Catalyst

Admission - 2023-2024
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Catalyst, a Science Festival of YS Schools, is an initiative taken for the practical application of classroom teaching, where students prepare and present various models from Science, Social Science, Maths, English, and Art n Craft, etc. to showcase and enhance their level of learning. The purpose of such festivals is to build the attitude of the students towards understanding the concepts, to inculcate zeal to probe into the working of almost anything and everything in this world and to build a faith system among them that nothing is impossible if it is worked for. During these events, we observe the students growing, learning, working hard, exploring websites, reading books, understanding concepts, gathering knowledge, preparing presentations and building confidence. In the nutshell, carving a road of success to the future, as the future belongs to those who prepare well for it.
Science models made by bright students of our campus
During Science Fiesta
Students Interact with Director on Science fiest
Each year more than 1500 Young Scholars exhibit hundreds of models of various fields during CATALYST, in which they prepare the models from the topics/concepts that they are learning in their classrooms, using very ordinary and daily usable articles like CDs, cardboards, plastic bottles, etc. An event of such magnitude is certainly beneficial in polishing communication skills and boosting the confidence of the students