Smiling Start To School

Admission - 2023-2024
Current Updates
When a tiny tot joins a school for the first time, he or she feels nervous, anxious and uncomfortable initially. That’s why at YS Schools, we shower the tiny tots with unconditional love, care and affection so that they start feeling at home. We make every single day of the student fun-filled with a variety of innovative activities to create a love for learning. The initial few months set the tone and mood for the whole session. That’s why we take special care to make these months more interactive, creative and fun.
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Socializing Activities

With the objective of helping tiny tots make friends and feel bonded with teachers and school, we celebrate the first month as ‘Bonding Month’. ‘Buddy as Child’s Fun Partner’, ‘Know your school’, ‘Chain Mate’ and many other innovative socializing activities are organized as a part of Bonding Month. The idea is to help children to get adjusted to a new school environment and also give a great start to their wonderful journey at school.

Fun Filled Saturdays

Saturdays at YS, are full of charm for little ones as these are celebrated as scholars days. Every Saturday consists of an ample number of activities, which include Creative Time, Puppet Shows, Ramp Sessions and many more. While participating in these activities Tiny Tots not only have lots of fun but also acquire so many life skills such as Self Help, Group Work, Healthy Eating and many more.

Birthday Celebration

It is our earnest desire to make childhood special for each and every child. That’s why we celebrate the birthday of every child. Not just any routine cake-cutting ceremony, there are many activities done keeping the specific interests of the child in mind so that he or she feels special on his B’ day. Birthdays of all the kids falling in a particular month are celebrated on the last Saturday of that very month and the occasion is baptized as “Birthday Celebration”. Students cut the cake, celebrate and learn to share and care.

Puppet Shows

The most intriguing activity for a child is a Puppet Show. Not only they enjoy the stories being told through puppets, but they also love the way the puppets are operated. Our school encourages this traditional form of communication by organizing puppet shows regularly. Tiny tots look forward to puppet shows and enjoy their school time.

Mesmerizing start of Mornings

When you make your little one join YS School, you will notice, he or she does not crib in the morning about schooling. Simply because mornings at YS are made so special where mascots, dance sessions, welcome puppets give an energetic start to the days. The refreshing booting up sessions have become an integral part of the day at YS and welcome little ones with lots of smiles.

Nature Walk & Visits

We encourage children to go out in groups for a Nature Walk and observe the greenery, the flowers and the flora and fauna around. One of the most important aspects of Nature Walk is the opportunity for children to discover their surroundings and objects themselves and in their own way. Children are very good at finding things and a Nature Walk can be used to teach them a variety of concepts in a natural environment. Such Nature Walks also increase the attention span and togetherness time for kids in one section.