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Admission - 2023-2024
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Model United Nations

“Public Speaking is a quality which everyone wants to encompass but only those get command over it who grab the opportunities given to them.”

YS School has joined hands with IIMUN to start the MUN Barnala Chapters. The main objectives of MUN are: To provide a holistic platform to scholars where they discuss various Local, National & International concerns. To make them intellectuals so that they can be part of problem solving entities.

To enhance communication skills and confidence, scholars are taught to act as delegates of different nations & discuss National & International concerns in order to bring a change in the world, by adopting resolutions which are forwarded to United Nations.

Our MUN Club members keep participating in various conferences different schools, colleges and universities and become center of attraction with strong points and public speaking skills.

Future Diplomats
We are in a league to produce future diplomats as students in these conferences get chances to come forward and share their views about the national and international social issues with all others present there. YS School, Barnala has been bagging “Best Delegation” Trophy for last four years till date.
Not only this, many of our students have started acting as EBs (Executive Board) in various MUN conferences because of their best speaking and judging skills.
These MUN conferences are not limited to our school or country but to an international level as well. Few of our scholars have participated “Concordia International School Shanghai MUN” at China. Such opportunities are once in a lifetime and help in gaining the confidence to stand different among all.
Future Diplomats
Online MUN is another initiative by YS School where students debate online being the delegates of one or the other country. Students choose committees, research and share their views online only and hence get to work upon their research skills. Side by side, they get a chance to interact with delegates at international level which enhances their debating and communication skills.
The participation in various MUN conferences has remained endless and perpetual enhancing the confidence of the scholars.